Have a sanitary environment no matter where you GO.

Toilet Tuxedo is your sanitary secret weapon anytime you’re away from home.

The world is full of beauty. It’s also full of germs, viruses and unsanitary dirtiness, whether visible to the naked eye or not. Toilet Tuxedo lets you enjoy all the good stuff in life, while being able to pee and poop in a sanitary environment. GO out and about with peace-of-mind — and without exposure to dirty toilet germs and filth.

With Toilet Tuxedo, you’ll say to even the yuckiest public toilets: “Wow, you clean up great!”

Toilet Tuxedo contains everything you need to have a sanitary toilet experience, anywhere you go.

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What’s Included:

Each individually-packaged Toilet Tuxedo toilet cover includes:

A seat cover with bowl liner, clothing protection down front of the toilet and a 3’ x 2’ floor mat, which provides a germ-free zone for purse/backpack, jacket, phone, or small children. Attached is a sanitary disposal bag that turns inside out to prevent germs from touching any part of you when disposing of the toilet cover. Each kit also contains: plastic gloves, toilet tissue, and sanitizer liquid or wipes.

What’s it made from?

Toilet Tuxedo is made from biodegradable, antibacterial medical grade plastic which is 100%-resistant to bacteria and viruses.

What are the professionals saying?

The Toilet Tuxedo Sanitation Kit will help protect the user from the transmission of germs associated with public toilet environments.

The need for the Toilet Tuxedo will be continual, and provide a constant demand that will spike with situations such as the Coronavirus problem.

Don’t let public toilets stop you.

Public restrooms can be rough around the edges.

Toilet Tuxedo will make every public restroom suitable for your shiny hiney.

🗹 Porta Potties

🗹 Airplane Toilets

🗹 Public Toilets everywhere

With Toilet Tuxedo, you’ll have the peace of mind to confidently use a toilet — anywhere!

Who’s it for?

You don’t need to be a germaphobe (or germ-realist as we like to call it)! You don’t need a microscope to know how unsanitary public toilets can be. But trust us — if you had a microscope … yikes. Fear not. We’ve got you covered with our 10 pack.

  • Anyone who wants peace-of-mind and freedom to use any toilet
  • Parents with little kids
  • Frequent travelers
  • Construction workers
  • Music festival attendees
  • Hospitals & healthcare facilities

If you’re uncertain if the toilet is sanitary, dress it up — with a Toilet Tuxedo!

Toilet Tuxedos also work the opposite way: keeping toilets clean!

Toilet Tuxedo can also work the opposite way — to keep the toilet itself sanitary, and make clean-up easier for messy pee and poo situations. Healthcare facilities are seeing the benefit of Toilet Tuxedos for this reason!

Don’t let dirty toilets stop you. Be ready to GO, anywhere nature calls.


  • 100% bacteria and virus-proof material.
  • Pocket-sized, packs a punch. Weighing less than 2 oz., the Toilet Tuxedo is designed to fit in even the smallest evening purse.
  • One-time-use product— do not flush! Each Toilet Tuxedo is a one-time-use product that is biodegradable. Simply dispose in the trash after use.


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